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If you want to enjoy the luxury of steam showers at home; it is possible with New Age portable home-based steam showers. Now you don’t need to go to the spa for a steam shower. You can have one in the comfort of your home just by installing a steam shower, that too without wasting a huge amount of money.

There are a myriad of benefits to getting a steam shower. Just using one for a few minutes can significantly improve the overall functioning of your body. Steam showers generate steam, which is excellent for the body. For ages, receiving steam has been considered the best way to heal the body. Steam cleans the skin of the huge amount of toxins that have accumulated under the skin. When skin is receiving steam, the pores of the skin get widened and toxins come out of the skin thus making the skin clear. This gives the user glowing skin.

In today’s hard-core industrial era, we all are exposed to hazardous pollution. The pollution causes a lot of diseases. It is vital to combat pollution to live a healthy life and we can do this by taking steam showers. Using a steam shower on a regular basis eliminates the harmful toxins that accumulate in our body. Besides detoxification of the body, steam showers also reduce our stress as this also calms the mind and heals the body.

If you are wondering where to buy a home-based steam shower, then you can rely on Saunas.com. This online shopping portal sells home-based steam showers at reasonable prices. Apart from steam showers, this online shopping portal also sells infrared sauna, sauna accessories and many other saunas.

Refresh your mood with infrared saunas provided by Saunas.com

Saunas are not a new idea, today most people know very well about saunas. But still, people are unaware about the benefits that saunas provide. Saunas, basically, are small rooms that are designed as a heat room. With time, these saunas have become modernized and are not what they used to be. Nowadays, one can even install sauna kits at home and get a refreshing massage. Besides this, one can even get these saunas at affordable rates through Saunas.com. Saunas.com is a one-stop online store for saunas which came into existence in 1987 as Sauna Warehouse.

Well-known for their wide array of saunas, Saunas.com is one of the leading online stores that provide saunas at affordable rates. The various types of saunas that the company offers include infrared saunas, sauna kits, home sauna kits and many others. Besides this, the company holds expertise in providing high quality, innovative and reliable saunas that are designed to provide tremendous relaxation. The infrared saunas that Saunas.com offers are meant to provide various benefits, some of which include:

  • Enhances flexibility and relaxes muscles
  • Intensifies the immune system
  • Cuts off cold and flu symptoms
  • Helpful in maintaining blood pressure
  • Enhances cardiovascular system
  • Reduces fat & burns extra calories
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Beneficial for reducing skin problems

So don’t even waste time comparing deals, just go online and order the best home sauna now through Saunas.com.

Buy a Home Sauna from Saunas.com for a Regular Sauna Bath

Having a home sauna helps you and your family spends quality time together while getting many health benefits. In the past, enjoying a sauna meant you had to go to a spa, where you get a sauna and massage under the supervision of a sauna professional. But now, things have changed and you can get a sauna in the comfort of your own home. Yes! With a modern day home sauna, you can enjoy a sauna in private. These home-based saunas are very portable and small in size. They are easily movable and most importantly, they can be conveniently installed even in a small room because they don’t consume a large area. You can safely install one in your living room or any other place that is convenient.Hanko™ Premium 4-Person Infrared Sauna

Most home saunas don’t require professionals for installation. They come with a manual guide explaining step by step how to install it at home. Home-based saunas have enabled even busy people to get a sauna bath on a regular basis. With home saunas, one gets all the same benefits as a traditional or professional sauna. Saunas.com never compromises on quality. You, too, can have an instant sauna bath after a hard day’s work to alleviate your body aches and pains. Your home-based sauna can be used by the entire family.

If you are wondering where to go to purchase a home sauna, your search ends at Saunas.com. This particular online portal sells saunas and sauna accessories from only the leading and eminent brands.

Access an Instant Sauna Bath with a Home Sauna from Saunas.com

Having a sauna session is a luxury in itself. Just a few minutes  is enough to revitalize and instill energy. Apart from this, saunas also play a pivotal role in treating many diseases. But saunas also have their own constraints, namely, they aren’t readily available in your home. Traditionally, you would need to visit a spa, but the good news is that this is no longer the case. Now, you can easily get them installed in your home. Yes, this sounds a little bizarre, but you can buy a home sauna and start relaxing in an instant sauna bath.1.7KW Portable Pre-Built Sauna Room Kit

A versatile range of home saunas is available and you can choose one as per your needs and budget. Home saunas are very portable and convenient to use. You can install them by yourself without depending on others. You can install infrared saunas, portable saunas, steam shower, pre-cut saunas and many more. Each of these saunas is available as home saunas. These saunas come ready to use. You just need some basic installation to get into a sauna bath.

If you are new to the concept of home saunas and are wondering where to buy one, Saunas.com is the right place for you. This online store sells superlative quality saunas that belong to reputed brands such as Hanko, Lattu and others. Apart from home saunas, you will also get sauna accessories such as aromatherapy oils, sauna towels, sauna doors and many more.

Highlights on How a Sauna from Saunas.com Can Help You

The sauna is not a new concept, and many of us are aware of this. But what many of us are not aware of are the facts on how it helps us. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of using a sauna:

  • Relaxes muscles and increases flexibility
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Lessens cold and flu symptoms
  • Relieves chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and hay fever (regular sauna users have fewer respiratory tract infections)
  • Detoxifies the body by eliminating heavy metals from the body
  • Gives you younger-looking skin
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Helps regulate high blood pressure
  • Helps balance the psyche and emotions·
  • Improves and heals acne and other related skin problems
  • Reduces muscle pain and tension
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Helps improve blood circulation
  • Deep cleanses skin
  • Eases joint pain and stiffness (without toxic side-effects)
  • Relieves pain
  • Removes toxins and mineral waste
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Improves circulation
  • Burns calories
  • Provides a deep, total-body cleansing
  • Lifts depression

Best Place to Buy a Sauna:
If you are all ready to buy a sauna, but confused about where to buy one, then your ultimate destination is Saunas.com. This online store provides a wide range of saunas from traditional saunas to infrared saunas. You can also get other sauna accessories like Aromatic Dispenser, Sauna Cleaning Solution, and many more.

Buy Saunas from Saunas.com to Get Many Benefits

These days, we don’t sweat much. The reasons are many. Most of us spend our days in air conditioned rooms and as a result, we sweat very little. This makes our bodies dependent on our kidneys and intestines to remove dangerous toxins.

If you are someone who hardly ever sweats, there is no need to worry. Just by using a sauna you can sweat like you have never sweat before.

Apart from helping you to sweat, using saunas help you with many other benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Saunas produce radiant heat which penetrates the skin, helping to dissolve fat deposits
  • Using Saunas helps the user get rid of toxins
  • It increases blood circulation, hence the condition of the heart, lungs, kidneys, and skin can remain in their proper state
  • It also helps in losing weight

Where Can You Find High Quality Saunas?

Saunas.com, a renowned online store, offers a wide range of saunas. Their range of saunas includes Infrared Saunas, Traditional Saunas, Portable Saunas, and many more. You will also find Sauna Heater, Steam Shower, and other accessories like Aromatherapy Oils, Towel Warmers, etc. Other products that are available at this store are Humidors, Gaming & Tables, and Wine Cellars. All of these can be bought at the most reasonable prices. You can also get free shipping on orders over $100.

Infrared Saunas from Saunas.com for the Ultimate Relaxation

Saunas are the best way to relax and get back your lost energy. Just sitting a few minutes in the sauna is enough to revive your lost vigor and you are ready to start fresh. After a long, tough day, the warm and relaxing feeling you get from a sauna is unbeatable. When it comes to a sauna, one can get many choices, but an infrared sauna is far gaining momentum as its health and wellness benefits are far more beneficial than other prevailing saunas. Here are some benefits of the infrared sauna:

Infrared saunas use infrared technology to heat. This technology heats up the object within the sauna instead of heating up the entire air in the sauna. This allows the person who is sitting inside the sauna to heat up their body without breathing in the hot air of the sauna. This is easier on the respiratory system and the person sitting inside the sauna won’t have difficulties inhaling the hot sauna air.

Infrared saunas penetrate the infrared rays deep into the skin tissue and this helps to relax sore muscles. This also helps get rid of body aches and fatigue. Infrared saunas also help remove  harmful toxins, nicotine, metals, and other foreign substances in the body. This gives, all in all, a cleansing feeling and the person feels energetic. An accumulation of toxins in the body is very dangerous. They need to be removed from the body so that the body can function normally.

If you want to buy an infrared sauna set or far infrared sauna, then Saunas.com is the right place for you. This online portal specializes in providing best-in-class functionality saunas of varied types and varied budgets.

Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas from Saunas.com

Buying an infrared sauna not only helps you relax, it has some other health benefits as well. Some of those health benefits include:

  • When you use a sauna, your body tends to release a feel-good hormone called Endorphins. When this hormone is released, you beat mood problems such as the blues and depression.
  • With age, our bodies stop releasing growth hormones. But when you start using a sauna, these hormones are again released, as a result the body’s healing process will get faster, and muscles will  remain toned.
  • Sauna is also considered to be good for blood circulation. As soon as you enter a sauna, your body starts sweating. As a result, blood circulation in your body is increased.

When you are buying a sauna for these substantial health benefits, you should make sure you buy it from a reliable store. One of the stores that offer only top-notch quality saunas is Saunas.com. With them, you get the chance to buy any of their products online. The infrared saunas that this online store offers include Hanko™ Infrared Saunas, Harmony Infrared Saunas, Laatu Infrared Saunas, and many more. All of these infrared saunas can be bought at the best prices possible. Apart from infrared saunas, this online store also offers Traditional Saunas, Steam Shower, Sauna Heater, Sauna Accessories, and many more. So, to get a relaxing sauna experience at the most reasonable prices, contact Saunas.com today!

Easy Weight Loss by Dry Sauna from Saunas.com

Living healthy and eating right are necessary to remaining fit, but there are also other ways to make your life healthy. Saunas are an angelic remedy that can help you strike a balance between your health and a luxurious life. Saunas are age-old ways to remain healthy, but their popularity has just started gaining momentum for the last decade, or so. People are just now exploring the numerous benefits of wet and dry saunas. If you are someone who feels a little uneasy in humid conditions, then a dry sauna is your best option as this sauna will not leave you in humid or wet conditions.

The benefits of dry saunas are immense and no one can deny their miraculous benefit of great weight loss. Dry saunas are great when it’s come to losing weight. Many celebrities use this sauna to shed those extra pounds and stay in shape. The heat radiation that dry saunas produce is highly effective in burning calories, and thus reducing weight.

Just spending 20 minutes in your dry sauna can burn up to 300 calories. Besides weight reduction, dry saunas have more to offer, they also help in the elimination of toxins from the body. If the benefits of the dry sauna  excite you, and you are looking forward to buying a dry sauna, then visit Saunas.com. This online portal sells not only dry sauna, but also infrared sauna, sauna heater, outdoor sauna, pre-built sauna, traditional sun, and many other sauna products.

Infrared Saunas for Home by Saunas.com: The Perfect Tool for Natural Healing and Prevention

Saunas.com offers Infrared saunas for home that possess incomparable qualities that help to achieve good health. The infrared light has the ability to enter human tissue which in turn generates a host of anti-aging health benefits. This makes the infrared saunas one of the most modern home therapies for healthier living. Want to get back to healthy living? Simply buy infrared saunas for your home and start down that healthy living path.

Unlike traditional saunas that work at extremely harsh temperatures, infrared saunas’ infrared is indeed a moderate, soothing and beneficial heat that supports relaxation and enhances sleep. The most interesting thing is that its therapy can help you relax while getting a stimulating deep tissue sweat. In return, after each session, you will be left completely re-energized.

Now you can also buy home sauna accessories from Saunas.com at the most competitive prices and with an improved range. An important fact to be aware of is that an infrared sauna session can help burn more than 600 calories – all while relaxing. This is because the body mechanisms to cool itself and a considerable increase in heart rate is found with the cardiac output and metabolic rate that later causes the body to burn more calories.

You can find the complete range of saunas at reduced prices at Saunas.com.