Essential body Oils a Part of Sauna Accessories for Home that Enhances Moments of Rejuvenation

If you believe that a home sauna experience can never match up to the luxury of a sauna in a commercial spa, then is here to prove you wrong. The vivid collection of accessories will not only increase the pride of your home sauna but will prove to be a luxurious refuge rather than an everyday normal experience. This premium range of home sauna accessories includes aromatherapy oils, sauna doors, towel warmers and many other useful sauna materials.

Did you know that aroma oils are alternative medicines that are used to achieve harmony between physical and psychological existence? presents essential oils that make steam bathing a refreshing experience while healing and cleansing the skin. Eucalyptus oil is, in particular, one of the most popular therapeutic oils that is widely used both in residential and commercial saunas owing to its remedial features. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial, cleanses skin pores and fights body odor. presents Eucalyptus Oil for Steam Showers & Saunas that are made from the best quality basic material and replete with medicinal properties igniting a healing process for the entire body.

In addition to Eucalyptus, there are plenty of other fragrances available such as Fresh Cherry Aroma, pine aroma, Fresh Nordic Birch Aroma and many other exotic options. The oils are not diluted and their essence is completely pure. It is owing to the purity and high quality of its offerings that is the foremost name that comes to mind when searching for sauna accessories for home.

Sauna Accessories paving your way to wellness

Take a few minutes out of your hectic schedule to relax, soak in steam and let the harmful toxins ooze out from your body. For those who are in the habit of procrastinating, a visit to the local sauna or spa because of lack of time will have no excuse now as there are many portable sauna products available on the market. You can purchase a sauna for stress relief, muscle soothing and a skin cleansing experience.

The logic seekers out there need more information about the benefits of a sauna to take the major step of purchasing any type of sauna product.  Some of the many benefits of saunas are mentioned here:

  • Saunas for home create a warm and quiet place inside your home where you can take a break from routine life to relax. In other words, a great way to keep stress at bay.
  • High temperature of the sauna soothes muscles bringing comfort to an aching and sore body.
  • Through outdoor activities your body absorbs many pollutants spread in the air, sweat takes out the toxins absorbed by your body from the environment.
  • Sweating cleanses the epidermal layer of your skin leaving you with a softness and glow.

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Brief History of Sauna & Steam

The Greeks most likely invented the original sauna & steam rooms about 2500 years ago. Hypocrates (460 to 377 BC) famously said, “Give me the power to create a fever and I shall cure every illness.”

2000 years ago the Roman heat baths played a major role of sociability of Roman life. Romans citizens used the heat baths to relax and unwind and it was common to share the experience with friends and family. The Roman baths were dry & hot enough for a 30 minute session.

The Russian Bath which is still around today combined hot air with steam that was piped in from an external boiler. Russian baths produce high temperatures with high humidity. Your body may perspire long after a session.

Many, if not all, Native American tribes used some version of a sweat lodge. A mud hut is constructed over a pit that was dug into the Earth. The pit would be filled with hot rocks which were heated in a fire. It was common practice to sprinkle water on the rocks to get blasts of steam. This ritual was mostly done in complete darkness and was followed by a dip in a nearby river, creek or lake. Native Americans considered there heat bath essential for curing colds or easing arthritis.

The Japanese bath, dubbed the Oriental Martini, took a different twist on heat bath. They soaked in hot water daily while soaping and scrubbing. This is believed to create mental regeneration and is also a fabric of Japanese social practices.

The Traditional Finnish Sauna is probably the most prevalent today but has been around for 2000 years as well. Mostly built from wood walls and using rocks heated by wood fired or electric stoves. While the Romans were occupied by architecture Finns were sitting in crude log buildings or Earthen dugouts. In Pre-Christian Finland the sauna was a holy place and was used for everything from drying meat to birthing children.

What is the importance of Low EMF?

EMF – Electromagnetic Field – Consists of 2 force components (EMR & EF)
EMR – Electromagnetic Radiation – Caused by AC (Alternating Current) Flow
EF – Electric Field – Caused by system voltage

Simply Put: EMR + EF = EMF

Both EMR & EF forces will affect the membranes of human cells. Even small signals can trigger major biochemical responses critical to the functioning of the cell thus causing critical malfunctions. This is why it is important to choose an infrared sauna that has low EMF Components. EMR radiation is produced by cell phones, microwaves, wireless communication towers, etc. EMR is measured in Milligauss and can be measured with a Gauss Meter. EF is produced by electrical outlets, wiring, etc and can be measured with a volt meter. If you want to test for EMF levels you should invest in a Gauss Meter. The Swedish Standard for low EMF is below 2 mG (Millegauss).