Reconditioned Sauna Lumber vs. Replacement


Sometimes reconditioning the sauna wood can be a more economical solution than replacement. It may be the alternative you are looking for to postpone replacement until a more convenient time. Typically your walls hold up for a very long time since nobody is sitting on them but the benching can show its age as time goes by.

If not too far gone, reconditioning the benches is something one should evaluate before completely replacing. Simply pull the benches out of the sauna and gently clean using water & mild dish soap. We also recommend using Sauna Clean which is 100% Biodegradable to ensure benches are bacteria free. Once benching is scrubbed then rinse thoroughly and allow to completely dry. The next step is to lightly sand your bench tops then lightly brush with pure cedar oil. The cedar smell will be strong but should fade after a few days. Give a day or two to let it settle into the wood before using sauna.

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