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The need to unwind and bid goodbye to stress arises every day, and in these situations, one thing that can help out are portable saunas. These saunas are the best and quickest way to get relaxed fast. Think the only place you can enjoy a sauna is at the spa? You’re wrong, as the saunas offered at this renowned online store,, are portable and affordable. You can place these saunas virtually anywhere in your home and enjoy the peace and calm.1.7KW Portable Pre-Built Sauna Room Kit

Saunas are beneficial because they increase blood circulation, thereby igniting a higher heart rate, which ultimately results in healthy sweating when the body releases waste through the pores. This cleansing helps give you younger-looking, glowing skin.

The wide variety of saunas that you will find at includes Infrared Saunas, Steam Shower, Sauna Heaters, and other accessories. All these items can be purchased at the best prices possible. Many of’s products have a built-in 24 hour programmable digital control, Spectra Lighting, MP3 stereo, and many such types of features that help you to feel rejuvenated while enjoying a complete sauna experience.

Advantages of Using a Portable Sauna

A portable sauna helps you to enjoy the various health benefits it has to offer, no matter whether you are at home or away. You have the option to buy a portable steam or infrared sauna. Although such saunas may appear to be miniature compared to the real deal, using portable saunas has some distinct advantages. These include:

• For using a portable sauna, all you need to do is plug it into a power outlet and that’s all. No need to meddle your head with set up tools and configuration options.
• Weighing between 10 and 65 pounds, these saunas can be carried around with ease from one spot to another.
• A portable sauna is likely to be much cheaper than full-sized options. At a fraction of the price, you get almost the same sauna experience.
• You do not have to breathe in hot air when using portable saunas. This is very beneficial for people who are medically advised against breathing in hot air or those who find it uncomfortable.

Check out the PTBL-IG720-1.7 for One or Two People

The PTBL-IG720-1.7 for One or Two Peop
le has double tier bench arrangement, standard junior 1.7 heater with saunalogic digital control, and plugs into a dedicated 15 amp, 120 volt outlet. It has the following dimensions – 47 9/16″D x 47 9/16″W x 79 1/8″H (Total Depth with Ceiling Overhang is 51 5/8″)
This portable sauna comes has six panels with integral hook & pin latching system for easy assembly, stainless steel heater with rocks for wet or dry use, saunalogic digital control to operate heater & lighting. It is worth mentioning that both lighting and stereo are pre-wired & the sauna comes with a 120 volt power cord.
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